The Sleeping Wench

Docks Ward Location D23

This tavern is a quieter, cheaper alternative to the Sleeping Snake. There’s still dancing on the tables and the cheaper sort of drink, but this place has a better class of clientele and background music (of the lutes and toots variety). It’s quiet enough here to have a conversation without shouting and be overheard if you are not careful.

Proprietor: Peldan Thrael, who owns and runs the Sleeping Wench, is middle-aged, of middling height, nondescript, and mustachioed. Overall, the type who blends well into crowds.

Fence: This is where Lenar the Fence spends most of this time. There are a number of other fences in town that offer better prices but they tend to specialise. Lenar is good in that he’ll take just about anything, of course he usually just takes it to another fence to sell at a better price, but he is also quite loyal to those that keep him in business. He is eventempered, bald with thick black eyebrows and always smells of cigars.

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The Sleeping Wench

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