Waterdeep Locations

D1 Tavern: The Grey Griffon

D2 Business: Turnstone Plumbing and Pipefitting

D3 Guild Hall: The Metal House of Wonders

D4 Warehouse: Dhaermos storage

D5 Business: Whistling Blades

D6 Tavern: Selune’s Smile

D7 Inn: The Rearing Hippocampus

D8 Inn: The Splintered Stair

D9 Inn: The Blackstar Inn

D10 Business: Serpentil Books & Folios

D11 Inn: The Ship’s Prow

D12 Tavern: The Thirsty Sailor

D13 Tavern: The Thirsty Throat

D14 Warehouse: Helmstar Warehouse

D15 Inn: Warm Beds

D16 Business: Lanternmaker Zorth Ulmaril

D17 Tavern: The Bloody Fist

D18 Festhall: Three Pearls Nightclub

D19 Guild Hall: Shipwrights’ House

D20 Warehouse: Red Sails

D21 Tavern/Guild Hall: Muleskull Tavern

D22 Festhall: The Hanging Lantern

D23 Tavern: The Sleeping Wench

D24 Business: Aurora’s Realms Shop (Slut Street)

D25 Festhall: The Purple Palace

D26 Festhall: The Mermaid’s Arms

D27 Tavern: The Blue Mermaid

D28 Guild Hall: Shippers’ Hall

D29 Warehouse: Shippers’ storage

D30 Warehouse: The House of Tarmagus

D31 Guild Hall: Coopers’ Rest

D32 Tavern: The Hanged Man

D33 Business: House of Pride Perfumes

D34 House: Arnagus the Shipwright

D35 Tavern/Guild Hall: Full Sails

D36 Festhall: The Blushing Mermaid

D37 Business: Felhaur’s Fine Fish

D38 Business: Khostal Hannass, Fine Nuts

D39 Guild Hall: Seaswealth Hall

D40 Business: Nestaur the Ropemaker

D41 Tavern: The Sleeping Snake

D42 Inn: Shipmasters’ Hall

D43 Guild Hall: Watermens’ Hall

D44 Guild Hall: Mariners’ Hall

D45 Business: Torpus the Tanner

D46 Guild Hall: League Hall

D47 Guild Hall: The Butchers’ Guild Hall

D48 Business: Melgard’s Fine Leathers

D49 Warehouse: Thomm storage

D50 Business: Telethar Leatherworks

D51 Warehouse: Fellowship storage

D52 Business: Smokehouse

D53 House: Jemuril the Dwarf

D54 Festhall: The Copper Cup

D55 Business: Gelfuril the Trader

D56 City Building: Guard Barracks

D57 City Building: Cookhouse Hal

Waterdeep Locations

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